Insurance : some tips

You will be surprised how this industry works. If you are not careful, they are sure to rip you.

Some advices:

  1. Always keep Insurance and Investment separate. Insurance with investment is a very expensive option.
  2. Always take “Term Insurance”. Its very cheap and serves the purpose.
    1. Always buy online. It is 40% cheaper. Yes 40% cheaper with no gaps.
    2. Don’t be afraid of medical checkups.Its for your own benefit.
  3. Always take medical insurance. Irrespective if your company provides you full benefits:
    1. Helps during transitioning between jobs.
    2. After your retirement, all companies shy away from issuing policy and it comes at a huge premium and with lot of riders. Do it now and continue.
  4. You would get an intimation from your car insurance company and you will promptly call your friendly neighborhood broker and give him a cheque:
    1. Don’t do that!
    2. Go to insurance company website.Register yourself and get an invoice. Behold, on net the premium goes down by 20-25%. Yes try it, its true. Your friend was earlier making the 25% commission.
    3. Better call up their call centre. They will give you a discount code and you could shave off an extra 5%.

So just do some research and save big time. Its your money.



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