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A power industry professional. I did my schooling from DPS, R K Puram, New Delhi ( Class of 1982). Earned my engineering degree from DCE ( Delhi College of Engineering) in 1986. Worked in Tata Motors ( 2 years), Thermax India (5 years), ABB (2 years), Wartsila (13 years) and now work for Tata Power. Stay in New Delhi and works in Noida. Have travelled extensively worldwide and in India. Loves to travel and see the world.

Its been an interesting set of books that I read thru in last several months. They have given me a new perspective of the world that we live in. Do take out time to read these gems.

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The exploitive Indian Middle class:looking through the prism of ethics- Social commentary Part 1

At every family reunion, marriage functions, one finds a motley group of friends or relatives huddled together, reminiscencing days gone by, baulking at the current political class, attendant corruption issues and fast vanishing moral and ethical values. Its the same … Continue reading

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Street foods / comfort foods/ fast foods / take aways in Delhi

Street foods and “hole in the wall” eateries define a city character; its idiosyncrasies, trends and above all they provide the necessary “inclusive eating” wherein the class barrier breaks down. Delhi is overflowing with such joints. For some, you need … Continue reading

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Bengaluru food trails and walking thru bygone times!

We spent the Good Friday weekend at my nieces places in Bengaluru…. and went on a food trail. We counted the no: of dinner & lunch slots that we had to spare and decided to allocate them as per choices … Continue reading

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4 great cities; discovered four great eating places.Bhojohori Manna, Teppan @ Benjorang, Konkan Cafe and Yeti

My work takes me to all sort of places. Places which you could find on the map or places which have fallen off from the map and are back of beyond. As one travels, one is inundated with variety of … Continue reading

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Freedom of expression : when the line is crossed : Counter point

A lot of hue and cry is raised now a days on freedom of expression. I must admit that most of time it is right and that without this freedom, humankind would not have progressed as far as it has … Continue reading

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The art of haggling aka negotiation at high places!

Well, whenever you passed that showroom that displayed all the wonderful watches from around the globe or gleaming porcelain figurines, weren’t you afraid to step in the showroom as you either felt that you didn’t have enough money or that … Continue reading

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Korean Food: Going beyond Khimchii

Korean food is yet to find a place of pride amongst Indian repertoire of mixed cuisines. It is far below the usual suspects like Chinese cuisine and lower in rung than a Japanese joint. It maybe a notch above Burmese … Continue reading

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“First come first serve” : A Perspective

A lot of hue and cry has been raised on Indian telecom first come first serve policy regarding spectrum allocation and as to why the scarce spectrum was not auctioned. Well, it has a lot to do with the India … Continue reading

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Give me back my Paratha and a goodness of life and “Have we forgotten how to eat a Mango- Signs of changing times?”

  Anyone who has grown up or merely received hospitality in northern India knows the high gastronomical esteem in which the Paratha is held !!. Paratha belongs to the family of breads which consists of amongst others eatables like chapatti, … Continue reading

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MFI’s, credit cards : Modern day greedy moneylenders a.k.a kanhyalal in old Indian films!!

Aaj Ka Kanhyalal ( modern day greedy moneylenders) Remember Kanhyalal- a permanent fixture in bollywood films of 60s & 70s era  based on rural settings.The rogue moneylender who had a roving eye and used to hoodwink the poor villagers by … Continue reading

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Lip smacking Pizza : Where do I get one ?

What’s a great Pizza. It should have a thin crust, should be light, the base should be visible in parts, the toppings should be lazily thrown all over, the toppings should not be heavy and neither should they be in … Continue reading

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Japanese Cuisine : Sushi and more

Most of us get overwhelmed and confused whenever we visit a Japanese restaurant as the first image that hits us is that of “Sushi” and “ raw fish”. For most of us, Japanese cuisine starts and ends with Sushi with … Continue reading

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In search of great Dimsums

This time, we go on a journey in search of perfect Dimsums ( also mistakenly called as wontons, Suimie, kotheys, dumplings).These steamed delicacies served in a bamboo basket  are on menu of good chinese restaurants and are an epicurean delight.These … Continue reading

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Gilt Funds / Bonds investment time is now … this year ” 2012 “

2012 is an exciting investment year. Forget about investing in equities this year.There is another avenue which would give you far more returns. In India, interest rate cycle has peaked.Its time as the interest rates would slowly start coming down … Continue reading

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Bilateral Trade Mechanism : Absolute Golmal

So much world trade business is transacted thru bilateral trade mechanisms that it may shock you.You only see the well heeled black armani suited guys sipping mineral water ( generally avian) at bilateral trade summits, but what goes behind is eye … Continue reading

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In Search of best Dosas

Dosas are different things to different people. Do-Shah to the Malayali, Do-Sigh to the Tamil and, oddly enough, the phonetically-perfect Do-Sa to the Punjabi. Even language, as it were, seems to acknowledge their adaptability. Dosas, however, are many things rolled … Continue reading

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In search of Great Kababs

The search of kabab cannot start without the mention of Dastarkhwan. Dastarkhwan is a laid out table which is all encompassing.It is famous for its meat dishes based on finely ground and filtered condiments, and for the style with which … Continue reading

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Chennai : Idly, Dosa, Sora Puttu, Prawn Veruval

I never eat breakfast on early morning red eyed flight to Chennai. This is for good reason. The meetings generally start at around 11am and I have enough time to savour my breakfast at “Murugan Idly”. I have been a fan … Continue reading

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