The art of haggling aka negotiation at high places!

Well, whenever you passed that showroom that displayed all the wonderful watches from around the globe or gleaming porcelain figurines, weren’t you afraid to step in the showroom as you either felt that you didn’t have enough money or that the sales person would look down on you as you saw around.You found these places high and mighty with prices unnecessarily touching stratosphere. This is waste of money, you said. But deep inside you, a small cell always shriveled that wish i could also lay my hands on. Even if you gathered the courage to enter the showroom, the hoi poi at the shop ensured that you felt very small turning around the tag to see the price. How do I ask the sales person at the shop if there is a discount? Noway, your heart said, nobody haggles at luxury shops. Its not done. This is high priestess shops, don’t try, you will unnecessary make a fool of yourself, you curled and meekly went out of the shop. At least you conquered one battle, of going inside the shop!!

Worry not. The next time around, just don’t even have a shred of apprehension and just walk through the door, look at the watches and demand a price cut. Did I say price cut!. Yes , I did and allow me to take you to the underbelly of luxury shopping. All the luxury shops selling your Tissots, Longines……Rado etc offer a discount if asked for. Minimum is 15% and it could go upto 22% and sometimes dangerously touch 30% as well. Try this next time you go and ask for a discount, 12% is a given and rest is on your skill. Same with LLadro and all the other luxury stuff. You need to try.

If you are a group of friends going for a dinner at a fancy restaurant, no harm in checking on phone before hand if he can shave off some price. Chances are that the manager gives a 10-20% shave off. But you need to ask.

The trick is be bold and try. Nobody is watching you and you will not make yourself silly. You were ignorant before!!

The rich have become richer by spending less you see. The less richer thinks that by paying more, he becomes richer. What an irony!!

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A power industry professional. I did my schooling from DPS, R K Puram, New Delhi ( Class of 1982). Earned my engineering degree from DCE ( Delhi College of Engineering) in 1986. Worked in Tata Motors ( 2 years), Thermax India (5 years), ABB (2 years), Wartsila (13 years) and now work for Tata Power. Stay in New Delhi and works in Noida. Have travelled extensively worldwide and in India. Loves to travel and see the world.
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  1. Amit Jain says:

    completely agree with this.
    I have given a try at 2-3 places and got the reasonable discount too.

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