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Steve Jobs- Modern day Chunnilal ( of Devdas-do you remember!!).

Devdas would have been an ideal experimental sample for Mr Maslow ( remember Mr Maslow proposed the pyramidical structure of needs, wants, desire and did he say “self actualization”). He would have presented a pattern to fox him.For the uninitiated, Devdas is a story of a corporate lawyer of early part of last century set in East India who falls in love with Paro & vice-versa but because of status differences cannot marry her, is longed by a nautch girl Chandramukhi, becomes a drunkard and dies as a drunkard at the doors of Paro-boom that’s it. Everybody should see the movie-actually it should be integrated into corporate ethos of companies!!.

Paro was Devdas “need” and then became his “desire”. He didn’t get her anyway.

Devdas was “desire “of chandramukhi but later became her “need”. She didn’t get Devdas anyway.

Devdas was “need” of Paro but later became her “desire”. She didn’t get Devdas anyway.

Only Chunni Lal ( Chunni Lal was Devdas drunkard buddy who was truly in transcendal mode-lived for others so as to say!!) remained happy till end.

Confused: even Maslow would have trampled over his pyramid if Devdas was born couple of decades later!!. Actually every corporate man/woman has Devdas in them who always struggle between his needs & wants and lands up nowhere. For a modern day Corporate Devdas, Chandramukhi represents material comforts, money etc. and Paro represents transcendental ( I always get these spellings wrong, maybe the concept is skewed, I don’t understand it anyway).He always yearns for Paro although Chandramukhi entices him.He abuses chandramukhi whenever she comes near him ( always has guilt associated while acknowledging  her), and only gets a fleeting glimpses of Paro.He dies a drunkard torn between the two after getting none to his satisfaction. It’s Chunni Lal who lives a satisfied life. It is chunni Lal for whom the world converges and he lives for others and also enjoys himself.

Corporate lesson- be a Chunnilal and be happy-don’t get bogged down into differentiating needs & desires ala debate on tools & processes!!.Just be yourself, learn to enjoy yourself. Modern day Chunni Lal was Steve Jobs.


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  1. sarita aggarwal says:

    wow very impressing! very thought provoking and a wonderful apt simile.
    looking forward to read more on this website.
    All the best .

  2. i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.

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